A new cover for The Chateau on the Lake

A lovely new cover for The Chateau on the Lake! Read more [...]
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The Chateau on the Lake – The Inspiration behind the story

What inspired me to write The Chateau on the Lake? I began with the vague thought that it would be interesting to write a love story set at the time of the French Revolution. I didn’t know much about it then but everyone knows that the starving poor rebelled against the greedy aristocrats and beheaded Louis XVI, don’t they? Except that, once I started to research, I quickly discovered that it wasn’t as straightforward as that. Read more [...]
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‘My Writing Process’ Blog Hop

I’m always interested to discover how other authors go about writing their novels so I was delighted when historical novelist, Jenny Barden, invited me to join her on this blog tour to describe how my writing process works for me. Read more [...]
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Meet My Main Character – Madeleine Moreau

This  post is part of a series started by Debra Brown and passed to me by Deborah Swift who used to work in the theatre as a set and costume designer.She is the author of three novels set in the 17th century, The Lady's Slipper, The Gilded Lily, and A Divided Inheritance. She lives in the north of England in a small village that dates back to the Domesday Book. http://deborahswift.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/histfic-meet-my-main-character-lady.html  The Read more [...]
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Carol McGrath – Guest Author

C McGrath 030 I'm delighted to welcome Carol McGrath as guest author to my website today. Carol and I both write historical fiction and are members of the Romantic Novelists' Association. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Carol's debut novel, The Handfasted Wife and am delighted that Carol joins me on the shortlist for the RoNAs in the Historical category. Welcome, Carol! Tell me, what made you choose to write historical novels? I loved History as a child and Read more [...]
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Saggy Middle

Surprisingly I’m not writing about the dreaded saggy middle that creeps up on writers from eating too many slices of hot-buttered toast while waiting for the muse. No, the saggy middle I’m referring to is the one that becomes apparent when you’re halfway through your novel. Suddenly the fascinating plot seems contrived, your amazing characters unutterably boring and your sparkling dialogue leaden. Since I’m halfway into my latest novel Read more [...]
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Writing What You Know

The received wisdom is that you should write about what you know and that may be good advice – to a point. It’s important to remember that what you know may be strange, surprising and even intensely interesting to others. If you are a Druid, working as a steeple-jack and living on a barge, your life may feel hum-drum to you but there are plenty of people out there who would be fascinated to find out more. Perhaps you’re thinking, that’s Read more [...]
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Inspiration – What if?

The other day a writing friend asked me what inspired me to write my novels. It was a straightforward question but one that set me thinking. The creative process isn’t always easy to pin down and put into words. Novels are a complex piece of work involving a juggling act between plot, action, characters, setting and so on. So how do they all come together to make a finished story? When it’s time to start a new novel I feel like a butterfly Read more [...]
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Inside an Editor’s World

Instead of a guest author I thought it would be interesting to hear about the editing process from an editor's point of view as a change from the author's perspective. In fact Abbie Todd is both an editor and an author but here she is firmly wearing her Editor's hat! Abbie writes contemporary, slightly edgy fiction for teenagers. She is also an editor at a large publishing company in Oxford, where she works on literacy resources for primary schools. Read more [...]
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Making Time to Write

There’s never enough time for me to write. And yet, somehow, I always manage to finish a novel in time to meet the deadline. If you are a writer, you’ll find the time. It’s as simple as that. Stop procrastinating! Perhaps you’ve persuaded yourself it’s important to do the washing or to buy the groceries or wash the car before you start to write? And then there’s the matter of a full time job or a new baby or that big contract at Read more [...]
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