First review for The Spice Merchant’s Wife!

The first Amazon review for The Spice Merchant’s Wife.
5.0 out of 5 stars Continued excellence 17 Aug 2013
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London during and after the Great Fire is the setting for this third novel by Charlotte Betts, and to my mind her best to date.
We are taken into the home of the wealthy spice merchant’s wife’s family, with their fine furnishings, lustrous materials and servants. But when the Great Fire destroys not only the spice merchant’s home but his warehouse, and the family watches their wealth go up in smoke, like so many thousands of Londoners they are, at a stroke, destitute.
The story that follows – for the Great Fire is but the beginning – is totally believable and extremely well written, with descriptions of everything from everyday life in Restoration kitchens and boudoirs, to the underhand and extremely dangerous pursuits of some of the speculative builders of the time.
Add murder to the story, and you have suspense. Of perfume, perhaps the strongest element of this story, I shall say not one word. I’d not want to spoil it for you. I do hope that Charlotte Betts remains in Restoration England for her next novel, perhaps even to continue the story of the spice merchant’s wife.
One of the best books I have read this year, without a shadow of a doubt. I use the word “shadow” advisedly. Read the book and you will find out why.

7 thoughts on “First review for The Spice Merchant’s Wife!”

  1. I just finished reading the spice merchant’s wife and I have to say it is a enchanting book.
    I couldn’t even put the book down until I finished the whole thing.
    I think the main protagonist Kate is a courageous character. All the books that I have read so far written by you have not let me down and they have left me thoroughly entertained.

    • Hello Sumaiya! I’m very pleased you enjoyed The Spice Merchant’s Wife. It was great fun to research and I’m still a little bit in love with Gabriel!

  2. Hi, Charlotte,

    I’d no idea you’d posted my Amazon review, but I’m delighted to see it here. I’ve just looked in, itching to know if you have novel number four on the back burner yet? I have just been reading Catherine Law’s third novel, The Flower Book (which, incidentally, I absolutely loved without reservation) and it made me think … I wonder if Charlotte is slaving away, as she should be, getting a new book to her publisher to keep me delighted yet again!

    • Hi Margaret
      Thank you for your kind comments. The hot-off-the-press news is that a verbal agreement was reached with Piatkus yesterday for a new two book deal. Just waiting for contracts. I’m half way in to my next novel set against a backdrop of the French Revolution. I’ll look out for The Flower Book for when I have a free moment.

  3. I was thrilled to be given a copy of The Spice Merchants Wife on Saturday by the same friends who gave me The Painters Appentice for my birthday last year. I enjoyed that book enormously, so much so I downloaded The Apothecary’s Daughter and couldn’t put it down. I am really looking forward to reading my new book!

    • Hello Debbie, how lovely to hear that you are enjoying my novels. I’m just finishing the first draft of the next one, as yet untitled but set at the time of the French revolution, so watch this space!


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