My Youngest Reader?

This charming drawing was sent to me by 11 year old Emilie Buckingham who read and enjoyed The Apothecary’s Daughter, whilst finding out about the plague for her school homework. Set in the old apothecary shop, Emilie shows the walls lined with gallypots and little drawers of herb and remedies. Susannah, looking rather solemn, no doubt because Arabella has been particularly difficult, is about to put on her apron and set to work grinding flowers of sulphur.

Emilie said:

I finished reading the Apothecary’s Daughter yesterday. I am only 11 but it is such a wonderful book I want to read more and more of Charlotte’s books! This book made me understand a great deal about the plague and since I have been learning about the plague at school its even more interesting!!! I cannot wait for the painter’s apprentice and i was really annoyed it was only coming out in August.

Many thanks to Emilie for reading The Apothecary’s Daughter and for sending such a lovely illustration of the story.

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