New Contract!

Photograph courtesy of Andy Holmes at Unsplash

I’m thrilled to be able to reveal some new and very exciting news! I have just signed a contract for three new books with Little Brown Book Group for their Piatkus imprint.   

I shall be writing three books set in Italy, each with a World War I widow as the main character. It won’t be a trilogy but the books will all explore the theme of how the ‘surplus’ women, as they came to be known, rebuilt their lives after the war wiped out or maimed nearly a whole generation of men. It’s a fascinating era and, although there was heartbreak, for some women the situation was empowering. Suddenly they were free to explore what they really wanted from life when the traditional roles of marriage and motherhood weren’t always available.

The first book will be titled The Venetian Inheritance and I’m pleased to say I’ve already made a good start on the manuscript. More about the story in my next newsletter!

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