New Paperback Cover for The Painter’s Apprentice

The Painter’s Apprentice is available to order now in the large format paperback but the mass market paperback will be available to buy direct from the bookshops in February 2013. For this version the cover has been changed slightly and here it is. Isn’t it lovely?

It hardly seems like a year since The Apothecary’s Daughter was released and I’m already half way into Book Three, which will be published in August 2013. It sounds like plenty of time but it’s extremely hard work to keep on schedule to finish the first draft by October or November. Then my editor will read it and make suggestions for improving pace, developing characters and strengthening the plot. There will be several re-writes and the manuscript must be ready for the copyeditor to check by February if we are to meet the publication date of August 2013.

I miss the luxury of having as much time as I wished on crafting a novel in the days before The Apothecary’s Daughter was published.  In spite of a full time day job and working on Book Three in every available second of the rest of the time, it’s still incredibly exciting to be able to weave my stories and know that I will be able to share them with my readers.

Jean Fullerton, who also writes historical novels, invited me to be a guest author on her website and you can follow this link to read it.’s-Blog

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