Reading Group Questions – The Apothecary’s Daughter

Here are some suggestions for Reading Group discussions for The Apothecary’s Daughter.


What is the central theme of the book and how did it resonate with you?

Who is your favourite/least favourite character and how real did they feel to you?

The plague and the Great Fire of London are obvioiusly real historical events but did they feel symbolic in any way?

Compare the mothers’ experiences of motherhood in the novel.

How do you feel the city of London was explored in the novel?

The descriptions in the novel are very sensory – how did this add to your enjoyment of the novel?

Compare and contrast Henry Savage and William Ambrose.

Compare the different homes in the novel (e.g: the apothecary shop, Henry and Susannah’s home, Aunt Agnes’s house, Merryfields)


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