The Chateau on the Lake

Chateau on the Lake (1)

Betts’ description is second to none. It caters to the senses. Historically believable, you inhale all the sights, sounds and smells of the setting and engage with every one of the characters. I stayed awake until 3am to finish it. A superb book (The Sun)

Very enjoyable (Daily Mail)

A richly embroidered and memorable read (My Weekly)

Full of passion and drama . . . I was captivated by this moving, heart-warming and beautifully woven story – gripping, atmospheric, eloquently told and full of rich detail (Kate Furnivall, bestselling author of The Russian Concubine)

Lively narrative voice (The Lady)

After her English mother and French father are brutally murdered, bluestocking Madeleine Moreau travels to France in 1792 in  search of relatives she hadn’t known existed. When France declares war on England it becomes unsafe to return and Comte Etienne d’Aubery offers her shelter in his chateau. Impulsive and sometimes self-opinionated, Madeleine favours the people’s revolution in France but her views are shaken after she witnesses Louis XVI’s death by the guillotine.The revolution gathers momentum and as passions of the populace are enflamed, Madeleine sets off on a dangerous race against time to save the man she loves.