The House in Quill Court – Book Club Questions

If you  enjoyed The House in Quill Court, why not discuss it with your Book Club?

Here are some questions to get you going!


How did you experience the book? Did you race through it or find it hard to get into? What emotions did the story evoke in you?

How did the author achieve a sense of time and place in the novel and was this successful? Were there passages you particularly liked that demonstrate this?

Who was your favourite character and why?

Justice was a strong theme throughout the story. There was no co-ordinated police force during the Regency era. Was this the cause of the growth of organised crime or were there other reasons?

How did the choices made by Venetia and Kitty affect their lives and what choices would you have made in those circumstances?

Did you see Kitty as a victim or a heroine?

Compare and contrast Jack Chamberlaine and Nat Griggs. Which was the greater hero?

The Regency era was a time of great contrast in the way the rich and the poor lived. Did you feel the rich were portrayed as ‘superior’ and the poor as ‘feckless’?

What aspect of the novel did you enjoy most?

Have you learned something from the novel? Did anything surprise you?

If you don’t usually read historical fiction, did you find the story engaging enough to want to read more in this genre?


I hope these questions will initiate some interesting discussions and increase your enjoyment of the story!

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