The Spice Merchant’s Wife

The Spice Merchant's Wife

Perfectly hits the spot . . . Charlotte Betts has clearly established a niche for herself, combining history with a dash of adventure (Newbury Weekly News)

1666. Newly married to a wealthy spice merchant, Kate Finche watches in horror as the Great Fire rages through London and their livelihood goes up in flames, filling the air with the heady scents of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

Kate’s husband is forced to seek employment but when he drowns Kate refuses to believe that he has taken his own life.

Destitute, she seeks refuge in The House of Perfume, where blind perfumer Gabriel Harte awakens Kate’s senses to a whole new world. But as she flees from this forbidden love, her husband’s murderer comes looking for her . . .


10 thoughts on “The Spice Merchant’s Wife”

  1. Charlotte,
    A thoroughly good read so far, but I noticed at page 264 there is a typographical error 2/3 down the page where Mr Harte has been transposed as Mr Finche.
    Thought I would let you know as editing is not ‘what it used to be’.

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    • Dear Emma-Claire

      Thank you for pointing out the error and I’ll see if I can change this before the mass market paperback is published. It’s mortifying to find something like this but I have a fantastic editor and the mistake is mine. No matter how many times I edit, revise and re-read, it’s still possible to miss mistakes as it’s so easy to read what you mean, rather than what is actually there.
      I do hope you go on to enjoy the rest of the book.

      Best wishes, Charlotte

  2. My Greatx7 Grandmother was a London Huguenot spice merchant’s widow in 1687, so I am looking forward to reading your book. I wondered from where you drew your inspiration for the book?

    • Hello Fiona
      How fascinating to hear from a descendant of a real spice merchant’s wife. I, too have Huguenot antecedents, though I don’t know a great deal about them – yet! I posted an article on what inspired me to write The Spice Merchant’s Wife, last August. If you look at my website and hover your mouse over ‘Home’ you can then select ‘Blog’ The post is called Rebuilding After the Great Fire. I hope you find it interesting.

      Best wishes, Charlotte

  3. I am really enjoying the book but found it slightly annoying that you reveal that her husband is murdered at the back of the book when it’s something that only happens on page 200. It kind of spoiled the whole first half knowing that such an important fact was going to happen.

  4. Hello Charlotte,
    I am wondering, but after reading reviews think I have the sad answer of ‘no’, if the Spice Merchant’s Wife is a sequel to The Apothecary’s daughter and the Painter’s Apprentice? My daughter and I (and my 92 y/o Mother)have read both and were hoping for a sequel following the life of Beth and Noah in the new world of America! I am sad to think I won’t know more about the rest of Beth’s life….. maybe you need another idea for a book and this could be it???!!!!
    I have only read these two books (of yours!) but will be buying more.
    Thank you. 🙂

    • Hello Margie
      You are quite right that The Spice Merchant’s Wife isn’t a sequel to The Painter’s Apprentice. I did consider a sequel, as I’d become so fond of Beth and Noah, and haven’t completely decided against the idea. The Spice Merchant’s Wife came about because I couldn’t shake off my vision of London burning in the Great Fire at the end of The Apothecary’s Daughter and I was curios about what happened to the people whose homes and livelihoods burned. I simply had to write about it. Please do read it!I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you enjoyed the first two books and, as an added incentive, Arabella makes a cameo appearance. There is also a short story available as an e-book called The Milliner’s Daughter, which is the story through Arabella’s eyes. It might surprise you. Thank you for taking the time to comment – I love to receive feedback from readers.

  5. Dearest Charlotte,
    I found your first book in czech language in one of Pragues books shore yesterday. I bought it directy 🙂 🙂 and I will start to read it today. I am lucky for you Charlotte and I hope more of your books will be available in czech language :-).
    All the best.
    Alena Kohoutova

    • Hello Alena! How absolutely lovely to hear from you after all this time. As an amazing coincidence Simon and I were talking about you yesterday and wondering how you were. I am so pleased to have one of my books translated into Czech and hope it sells well so that there may be more. I wish you well and hope you enjoy the book. All best wishes, Charlotte.


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