The Unseen. Book signing with Katherine Webb

I called in at Waterstones last Saturday morning as my friend Katherine Webb, author of The Legacy, was holding a book signing for her second novel, The Unseen. It’s a great read and set in the local area, which makes it even more interesting. I bought two copies, which she signed for me, to give away as presents. I’d read it some months ago as I was lucky enough to receive an early pre-release copy of the bound proofs. Set mostly in the Edwardian era, it’s a marvelously atmospheric tale set during a long, hot summer.

Katherine and I are both members of WordWatchers, a wonderful  writers’ circle in Newbury. We are all very supportive, without holding back in our constructive criticism, and read each others’ work avidly. Several members of the group are finding writing success in different ways and it is fantastic to hear about all the different achievements. It’s interesting that Katherine won the YouWriteOn Book of the Year in 2009 with The Legacy and I won it in 2010 with The Apothecary’s Daughter. Perhaps it’s something in the water in Newbury?

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  1. Hello Charlotte

    How good that you support each other through your writing group as well as through ‘cyber land.’ I was on the Youwriteon site and had the priviledge of reading snippets of both of your opening chapters.

    Hard to imagine Katherine is promoting the 2nd novel already. Commercial success. It’s something I dream of. Best wishes to you both.

    • Hi there

      How nice to hear from you again! A writer’s life can be a lonely one and it’s always good to support each other in our endeavours. Katherine’s success has been phenomonal and it’s wonderful to see that it hasn’t changed her a bit! I struggled for years to improve my writing and to then get it noticed (thank you YouWriteOn!) and I still have to jump over the hurdle of ‘will anyone ever buy The Apothecary’s Daughter?’ All you can do is keep honing the craft and creep out of your writer’s shell and network as much as possible. Note to self: Remember to do this!
      Good luck and I hope to hear from you again.



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