Festival of Romance Awards and Ball

Carole Mathews and I had to laugh when we both arrived at the ball wearing identical boleros over black dresses and gold boleros! We enjoyed a glass of bubbles with Rouge Romance. The ball was a glittering occasion to raise funds for children and teenagers with heart conditions – a very worthy cause. After our three …

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The Festival of Romance

I’ve had a fabulous time at the Festival of Romance held at lovely Hunton Park Hotel and returned home today with my head buzzing with ideas.

The Plague Comes to Town

If only they’d had antibiotics in the seventeenth century, the course of Susannah’s life in The Apothecary’s Daughter would have been very different.

Writing Tips for Historical Fiction

Writing historical fiction is not so very different from contemporary fiction; both need a sizzling plot and strong characters. But there are some aspects to historical fiction which need more thought.