Meet Me in Bombay by Jenny Ashcroft

Meet Me in Bombay is a story of fierce love set against the exotic and colourful world of colonial Bombay and the tragedy of the First World War.

Bombay, 1913

It’s New Year’s Eve, and Madeline Bright, fresh to the exotic opulence of colonial India, is yearning for all she’s left behind in England. But then, at the stroke of midnight, Maddy meets Luke Devereaux, and as the year changes so do their lives – forever…

Bold and charismatic, Luke opens her eyes to the wonders of Bombay, while Maddy’s beauty and vivacity captures his heart. Only her mother disapproves, preferring the devoted Guy Bowen as a match for her daughter.

But while Maddy and Luke are falling in love, the world is falling apart. War is on the horizon, and soon it’s a question of when Luke will be called to fight, not if. They’ll be continents apart, separated by danger and devastating loss, but bound by Luke’s promise that they will meet again in Bombay…

I absolutely loved this book. It’s a poignant and heart-breaking story of two lovers torn apart by the Great War against a richly imagined setting of colonial Bombay. This book is a real page-turner and I sat up late to read it, desperate to know what would happen to soul-mates, Maddy and Luke. It is a story that will stay with me for some time and I’m sure I shall read it again and again. I look forward to Jenny Ashcroft’s next book!

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  1. This is definitely one for my To Be Read pile, Charlotte. I read an earlier Jenny Ashcroft and enjoyed it, and it sounds very much as if I’m going to enjoy this one, too.


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