The Dressmaker’s Secret – Readers’ Book Club questions



Here are some questions to open a Book Club discussion on The Dressmaker’s Secret but feel free to make up your own!

  • How did the book make you feel while you were reading it? Angry, sad, amused, curious? Explain why the story aroused these emotions in you.
  • Did you root for the main character, Emilia Barton? How had Emilia’s past shaped her personality?
  • Was Princess Caroline’s odd behaviour justified? Do you believe she was unfaithful to her husband, the Prince Regent and, if so, did you care?
  • Do you think Bartolomeo Pergami genuinely cared for Princess Caroline or was he using her for his own personal gain?
  • What did you think of Alessandro Fiorelli? Was he wrong to ask Emilia not to go to England to seek her birth family?
  • What did the main characters learn about themselves by the end of the story? How did they change?
  • What aspect of the novel did you enjoy most? And what didn’t you like?
  • What themes did the author explore?
  • Did the story make you want to discover more about Princess Caroline and the history of that time?
  • Were there passages that you found insightful, amusing, poignant or sad?
  • Did you find the ending satisfying? If not, how would you have changed it?

Why it’s a great idea to join a book club

It enhances your experience of a book to discuss it with friends. perhaps over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. Sometimes you’ll be surprised by just how different other readers’ opinions of a book can be.

Read something different!

If members of the club take it in turns to choose which book to read,  you may discover a new author you love, though others might not be to your taste. Recommendations are one of the best was to find interesting books and it’s good to get out of that rut and read something you wouldn’t normally choose.

Escape into a book

It can be hard to make time to read but escaping into a book is one of the best ways to relax. And you can justify that time because the other members of the Book Club are waiting to hear what you thought of it.

Find out how to set up a Book club click here 

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