Writing a Trilogy – the pros and cons

It was with some trepidation that I approached my publisher with suggestions for the novel I wanted to write next. I’d already had seven books published – love stories with a dash of mystery, set at various turning points in history between the Restoration and the Regency. This time, I wanted to expand my horizons …

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My Decade

The end of a decade feels different from simply the end of a year, doesn’t it? Not everything that has happened in those ten years will have been happy but this is a useful time to reflect upon all the things you’ve achieved. 

Things I wish I’d known when I wrote my first novel – Part 1

When you start your first novel you’ll be in love with the whole idea, not only with your concept for the story but the fact that you are going to be a real AUTHOR! Your books will be in Waterstones, you’ll earn as much a JK Rowling, fans will ask you to sign their copies of your book …