Researching your novel – and knowing when to stop!

Researching your historical novel is fascinating but it’s all too easy to get lost in your chosen historical period so that you never actually begin to write the story. This doesn’t matter if your hobby is finding out about history but, if you’re working to a publisher’s deadline, you will have to discipline yourself to know when to stop.

‘My Writing Process’ Blog Hop

I’m always interested to discover how other authors go about writing their novels so I was delighted when historical novelist, Jenny Barden, invited me to join her on this blog tour to describe how my writing process works for me.

Writing Tips for Historical Fiction

Writing historical fiction is not so very different from contemporary fiction; both need a sizzling plot and strong characters. But there are some aspects to historical fiction which need more thought.

Why an historical novel?

People sometimes ask me why I like to write historical novels. The answer is complicated because what really interests me is the human condition.