A Stitch in Time – the history of sewing machines

My mother taught me to use a sewing machine when I was eight years old and I began to make my own clothes straight away. At first I used my grandmother’s treadle Singer and when I was ten my mother gave me her ornate but ancient hand-cranked Singer.

One Year On

I’m writing this post on the 23rdMarch 2021, the anniversary of the beginning of the first lockdown in the UK, and reflecting on the changes it made to my writing life.

Excerpt from The Fading of the Light

Stars still glimmered as the rising sun began to paint the sky with streaks of apricot and gold. Up on the cliffs above the sea stood Spindrift House, its thick stone walls sheltering the sleeping community of the ten artists and five children that lived within.

            As the stars faded in the brightening sky, a blackbird unfolded his wings in the great copper beech beside the house. He opened his yellow bill and trilled the first liquid notes of welcome to the dawn.

            It was going to be a glorious summer’s day.